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BSA A10 Super Rocket
1963 BSA Super Rocket
The last of the pre-unit BSAs, the 643cc A10 was one of the nicest machines produced by the British industry. It was fast, with good acceleration, smooth brakes, a nice gearbox and minimal vibration. This motorcycle was restored by Jay Strait. 
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Triumph X75 Hurricane - Bike
1973 Triumph Hurricane
Unveiled in November of 1972, the motorcycle was based on the discontinued BSA Rocket 3 and used the left over BSA triple engines after the company shut down. US designer Craig Vetter penned the limited edition bike to cash in on the 'chopper craze" caused by the movie, "Easy Rider". The Hurricane was dramatic but not efficient and fewer that 1200 were made.
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Triumph Bonneville - Quintessential British Twin
1977 Triumph BonnevilleRegarded as the quintessential British twin, the Bonneville was introduced in 1959 and continued in various forms until 1989. This 1977 model, with the purple tank, was seen in the movie, "An Officer and a Gentleman".
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BSA 441 Victor - Click
1969 BSA 441 Victor
This 441cc single was an export-only model for trail and scrambler use.
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Triumph Daytona - click me
1996 Triumph Daytona Series III
With production limited to 150 units, this 113 bhp, 900cc sports bike has a Coventry engineered motor and "Indycar" front brakes.
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Vincent Black Shadow - Click me
1955 Vincent "D" Black Shadow
The last of the legendary Black Shadows, the 1955 D series saw Vincent close their doors leaving a legacy of high tech, state-of-the-art, fast and dramatic motorcycles. The Black Shadow, first introduced in 1949, survived through 1955 and along the way broke speed records on several continents. It won an extraordinary following, and many Vincents are still ridden on a daily basis. The Vincent was the first true 100 mph tourer. 
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Honda CBX 1000Z - Click me
1979 Honda CBX1000
An astounding motorcycle for it's time, the 6 cylinder, 1047cc, 105 bhp Honda CBX had 4 valves per cylinder, 6 carburetors and remarkable performance. This particular CBX was restored at Allen Museum Collection. 
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Honda CB750FZ - Click me
1979 Honda CB750FZ 
The first of Honda's DOHC, 16 valve motorcycles, the CB750FZ signaled a new era of performance.
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Honda CB900F - Click me
1982 Honda CB900FB
The third in the series of 900cc DOHC models, the FB featured several refinements including better suspension and re-designed composite wheels. 
The model, as indeed the series, proved immensely popular due to its durability and reliability, and was one of the best selling large-capacity motorcycles of all time. 
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Honda CB1100F - Click me
1983 Honda CB1100FD
A lightning fast sportbike, the 1100F was only produced for one year but, even by today's standards, is a high performance motorcycle.
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Suzuki RE5 - Click me
1975 Suzuki RE5 Rotary
Suzuki engineers designed the RE5 rotary-engined touring motorcycle in three years. The 1976 version has an NSU Wankel rotary, liquid cooled engine of 497 cc producing 62 horsepower. The motorcycle weighs 507 pounds with a fuel capacity of 4.5 gallons. The RE5 has a five speed constant mesh transmission, a Mikuni 18-32 carburetor and a compression ratio of 9.4:1
This motorcycle was restored by Mario Soares for Allen Museum Collection.
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Kawasaki  Z1300 - Click me
1979 Kawasaki Z1300A1 
One of four classic 6 cylinder production touring bikes that include the Honda CBX and the Benelli 750 and 900 SEI. The KZ 1300 develops 120 horsepower at 8000 rpms, has 3 Mikuni carburetors and weighs in at a robust 665 pounds.
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Triumph Bonneville 1959
Triumph Speed Twin 1938

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