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Kawasaki Z1300 A1 1979

Kawasaki Z1300

Z1300 A1

The Legendary Z1300

This amazing six cylinder motorcycle is capable of extraordinary performance, and has proved both durable and reliable. In its day, it was the bike. Despite its great mass, examples were raced in production class with some measure of success. The 1979 Arai 500 endurance race at Bathurst, Australia saw the debut of the first machine to enter the country ... and it won! The exhausts on both sides were completely flattened and ground away. To this day the record for the fastest run around Australia is held by the Z1300 - the rider was a police officer. Not for nothing was it affectionately referred to as "The Thirteen Million".
Kawasaki Z1300 Six
Kawasaki Z1300 Six
Kawasaki Z1300 Six


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