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Suzuki RE5 1975

Suzuki RE5

Suzuki's Remarkable Rotary

Suzuki engineers designed the RE5 rotary-engined touring motorcycle in three years. The 1975 version has an NSU Wankel liquid cooled rotary engine of 497 cc producing 62 horsepower. The motorcycle weighs 507 pounds with a fuel capacity of 4.5 gallons. The RE5 has a five speed constant mesh transmission, a Mikuni 18-32 carburetor and a nominal compression ratio of 9.4:1.

This motorcycle was restored by Mario Soares for the Allen Museum.

Suzuki RE5 1975
Suzuki RE5 1975

Advertising photo of the 1975 RE5 in red.
Although not a commercial success due in part to consumer mistrust of new technology, the machine proved both reliable and competitive in the touring stakes ... except for fuel economy. The unconventional instrument cluster and globular indicators were replaced on the 1976 model with guages very similar to those fitted to another great classic, the GT750 "Waterbottle".
1975 RE5 Suzuki Advertisement

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