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Captain America Replica
"One of the World's Best Examples"

  • As ridden by Peter Fonda in the 1969 movie Easy Rider
  • 1951 Harley Davidson Panhead
  • 55 horsepower at 4800 RPM
  • Rigid wishbone frame laid back slightly
  • Upholstery tucked and rolled on laid back buddy seat.
  • Front forks extended 12"
  • Show chrome throughout.
Built by Geoff Seiser, considered by many to be among the world's finest replica motorcycle builders.
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Captain America's Panhead
"Captain America"
World's Best Evel Knievel Replica
  • Show bike, chrome and 24carat gold. 
  • 1977 Harley Davidson XR750 
Built by Jeff Seiser
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Harley-Davidson XR750 - Click me
Harley-Davidson XR750

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